"Jeanne has an excellent skill to inspire and motivate people and to share her knowledge and experience with an impact. She can easily and in a friendly manner direct and encourage others to achieve innovative results."

Monika Bada, HR Director, JNJ Global Business Services

At some point, most of us need to persuade. Whether we are selling a product or service, pitching our idea or asking for approval from the Board, we must be able to convince the audience that what we are presenting is important and what we are proposing is the best way forward. This kind of presentation requires a particular mindset and set of skills in order to succeed.

This workshop will give you the tools to form a solid argument and set it out in a persuasive way. You will be able to properly analyze your audience, structure and filter your content and use engagement strategies to keep your audience listening. You'll also have a chance to practice what you've learned and get direct feedback.