German Valencia

Managing Director, DHL IT Services

"Your personalized coaching and constructive challenging capabilities are exemplary. The employee engagement and active leadership satisfaction scores improved in double-digits over the period that you coached us. I highly recommend you to anyone who needs a breakthrough in their communication skills."

beata Mazalova

IT Recruiter, MSD IT Prague

"I had a chance to attend a Presentation Skills Training with Jeanne and have to say it was the best training I have ever experienced so far. Jeanne as a trainer is very structured and organized, but what I appreciated even more was her energy, positive personality, flexible approach and the way the training was managed. If there is opportunity to meet Jeanne on any similar training or meeting, I will definitely go for it. I can recommend Jeanne's expertise to anyone who needs to work on presentation skills, productive communication and structure of the topic to be presented. Thanks, Jeanne! It was pleasure to work with you."

Robert demare

Global Head, Learning & Development, DHL IT Services

"I brought Jeanne in to do some work with our senior management board - a situation any internal L & D person knows can be VERY risky to say the least. In 1 hour and 45 minutes, Jeanne engaged our senior leaders in a powerful and frame-breaking discussion of how they can better connect with people in our organization. Jeanne gives straight feedback without offending while helping people see a path to a better way of doing things. A master at her craft, I recommend Jeanne without hesitation."

Petr jerabek

Head of Service Delivery Systems, T-Systems

“Jeanne's practical, modern and rational approach to the presentation skills area helped me to get a better understanding of the audience, preparation techniques, slide preparation and also improved my own speech preparation in front of the audience and nonverbal communication. I strongly recommend attending her seminar or training to see how presentations can be natural and different than we can see all the time in our daily business.”

Jakub Nesetril

Founder, Apiary

“I worked with Jeanne during the presentation skills training for WebExpo 2011 conference speakers as the conference's program manager. Over the 3 installments that we worked together, Jeanne delivered outstanding, consistent and professional advice to our speakers and was instrumental in turning average presentations into great ones.”

DilerJit Oberoi

Head of Service Planning - Europe, DPDHL

"I had the pleasure of attending Jeanne's 'Outstanding Presentations' workshop. She re-defined my notion of what a presentation is and how I should prepare and execute one to achieve the desired impact.

The workshop was thoughtfully designed to provide ample time for discussion, practice and feedback. She herself demonstrated what a great presentation should be like and shared great insights. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jeanne and others in the workshop, through a very challenging topic. To think that all this was achieved in a span of 2 days is remarkable.

vaclav Stoupa

Founder of WebExpo Prague

"Jeanne delivered a great series of training for some speakers for the WebExpo Prague 2011 Conference. She helped unskilled, but also skilled speakers comprising of developers, designers and people in the business area. The improvement of the quality of presentations was hundreds of percent in the ways of engagement and interpretation. The audience really enjoyed the presentations of the speakers that participated in the training. Without Jeanne it would never have happened.

Milan filipek

Manager of Legal, HR & Regulatory, B.Braun

"I attended many presentation workshops before that one with Jeanne - the most striking point of Jeanne´s lessons on presentation skills is definitely her ability to "make people think". I believe that this is the most precious benefit her "pupils" could ever have."

petr Rusz

Staffing Director, Honeywell

"With Jeanne, you can feel the difference on your very first meeting. It's the professionalism, integrity, wealth of knowledge and a true inspiration that she is able to unlock within very few moments of working together.
Whether you are looking to improve your speech in front of larger audience, improve your thought process or design when building presentations, Jeanne is like genie! She is an amazing person to work with and I have enjoyed every single bit of our sessions."

Sandra heim

Global Head of Accounting & BPCC Finance, DHL Management Switzerland

"A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to participate in Jeanne's 'outstanding executive presentation training'. It was a great coaching with many learnings for my day-to-day work. I can only encourage everybody who joined the session to practice - it works perfectly :) I am doing it! Thanks a million, Jeanne!"


Martin janota

Data Analyst, MSD IT Prague

"I am very grateful for the outstanding presentations workshop. Had I not experienced it myself, I would not believe that a 2 day workshop can be so transforming. It left me both inspired to deliver great presentations and empowered with the tools to do that - a real gift. Thank you Jeanne!"


Monika Bada

HR Director, JNJ Global Business Services

"Jeanne has an excellent skill to inspire and motivate people and to share her knowledge and experience with an impact. She can easily and in a friendly manner direct and encourage others to achieve innovative results. It has been a pleasure and great experience to cooperate with Jeanne."

Robert Haas

Owner, Symbio Digital

“Jeanne was the first presentation trainer in the history of our agency, who was not only compatible with our culture and the way we want to make presentations, but who was also (because of her expertise and professional, friendly approach) totally accepted by all members of our diverse team. And that means something!”

Edel Byrne

Infrastructure Site Lead, MSD

"Huge thanks to you Jeanne for your "Outstanding Presentations" workshop last May and our final "exam" yesterday...Very valuable feedback/notes given that I will definitely take with me next time I present/compile content to present... as a group we all really enjoyed it."

jan simkanic

CEO, Internet Info

“Jeanne is really inspiring person with great experience and very practical point of view. She was able to motivate speakers of our conference to "recreate" their presentations thanks to her strong empathy to audience needs and capacity to increase effect of presentation.”

Jan Bartovsky

Head of HR CZ & SK, Atos

"I went through Jeanne´s presentation skills training while working for UniCredit. I really appreciated her personal approach which stayed at the same level during both days of the training. I have learned how to think when preparing each part of the presentation to secure the impact desired and got useful help for working with visuals. Moreover, Jeanne is a wonderful person with good sense of humor which turned this demanding training into a pleasant experience."

vojta Jina

Software Engineer, Google

“Jeanne is amazing. She helped me to prepare and practice some of my presentations. Working with her was a pleasure. She is very creative. It was quite obvious she didn't do it just as "work" - she was always very passionate and interested in the end result. Next time I need help with a presentation, I will ask her again!”