As an executive, you're responsible for leading your organization to success.

But, are you able to communicate your vision, strategy and ideas in an engaging and impactful way?

I'm Jeanne Trojan and I’m an Executive Communication Trainer & Coach.

My workshops, seminars and coaching sessions will help you reach the people you want to influence, persuade and inspire.

I'll show you how to communicate to get the results you want.



My workshops will change your mindset, give you the tools you need to create content and give you the confidence you need to communicate in a variety of situations.


Our sessions are focused, intensive and, some would even say, exhausting. But, you'll be thrilled with the lasting improvement in your communication impact.


I'm proud to have not only loyal clients, but passionate advocates.  Here's what some of them say about their experience with my work.


I'm committed to helping my clients communicate in a clear, focused, and powerful way. I've had the advantage of a unique journey to my profession that shapes the kind of coach I am.