Jeanne Trojan
Jeanne Trojan
Executive Communication Coach

Executive Communication



My workshops provide an intensive and supportive environment to adopt a new mindset, create fabulous content and practice your delivery before you have to do it for a real audience. The opportunity to offer and receive feedback in this setting is invaluable.

You can choose from a variety of workshops - executive, sales, town hall, conference, startup pitch - or we can work together to create a unique workshop for your organization's particular needs.


I'll help you focus on what’s important and provide you with the tools you need to communicate in a clear, focused and professional way.

In our sessions, you'll get help with the concrete presentation you're preparing, but you'll also be able to apply the lessons learned to future communication situations.

Remote coaching is always an option. 

Selected Testimonials

Jeanne’s personalized coaching and constructive challenging capabilities are exemplary. The employee engagement and active leadership satisfaction scores improved in double-digits over the period that she coached us. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a breakthrough in their communication skills.
— German Valencia, Managing Director DHL IT Services

If you ever get the chance to experience Jeanne’s Executive Communication workshop, welcome to a game-changing couple of days. As she rightly says, this teaching is not about “Pretending” This is not a theater course. This learning is about “Embodying”. Build the content of your message so it becomes meaningful and reaches the audience. Strip it to the core so it can reach executives, make your points clearer and stronger and eventually help you achieve your goals – whatever they are. We have decided to deploy these sessions to all Sales Managers and Directors.
— Stephane Janiszewski, Senior Director, Commercial Excellence, Honeywell

I had a chance to attend a Presentation Skills Training with Jeanne and have to say it was the best training I have ever experienced so far. Jeanne as a trainer is very structured and organized, but what I appreciated even more was her energy, positive personality, flexible approach and the way the training was managed. I can recommend Jeanne’s expertise to anyone who needs to work on presentation skills, productive communication and structure of the topic to be presented.
— Beata Mazalova, Global Strategy & Operations, Employee Engagement, MSD

Jeanne is amazing. She helped me to prepare and practice some of my presentations for conferences. Working with her was a pleasure. She is very creative. It was quite obvious she didn’t do it just as “work” - she was always very passionate and interested in the end result.
— Vojta Jina, Engineering Manager, Apple

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